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Eglee Marin Koblitz, Venezuelan, I started in the field of fashion since I was a teenager, I always felt the desire to make my own cloth. An aunt was my inspiration to start, I got my first knowledge from her and I ventured to make my first clothes, at the age of 13. There were excellent seamstresses in my family.

As the years went by 1989-1993, I decided to study everything related to industrial pattern making, cutting, and making of all types of women's clothing, both custom-made and for industrial production.

This has allowed me to work as an Industrial Pattern Designer, Cutting, thus developing creativity and experience in design, color selection, volume, and fabrics.

I moved to the USA in 1995, continuing in my profession and also working in Interior and Exterior Design.

Currently, now retired, I am doing exclusively beach fashion, starting with women's swimsuits.

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